About Us


We fell in love at a young age, way back in the 8th grade. Back then, we dreamed of the day that we could travel the world. We would spend hours on the phone or passing notes in class, talking about where we would go, what we would see, and how we would get there. We came from similar backgrounds, our families worked hard to give us the lives we had, and we were going to do the same. Tia works as a scientist and Matt is a project manager for a construction company. Both careers are demanding as well as rewarding, and we both work hard so we can play even harder. After we got married, Tia started planning these elaborate trips to see as many places in the world in the short window of time that our careers allowed. We jokingly called these the “Beer and Mountain Tours.” Many people made comments on how amazing our trips are, how beautiful our pictures were, and how crazy our adventures were. So we wanted to create this website to share our adventures with the world.

Our Adventures do not end with traveling. After coming up with the idea for this website. We looked back on our journey together and noticed one thing. We were not afraid to try something once. Something Once is a motto we both live by, and is worth sharing. With hard work and a little bravery, it will impress you what you can accomplish. This website will show you how we try things alone, together, and with friends. All in an effort to be the best humans we can!!!

We plan to blog about the things we try as well as document them through social media. On this website you will see post [From Him] , [From Her], and [From Us]. Each post talking about a new adventure from different perspectives, as they occur.

Try Something Once everyone!!!!