[From Us] Total Archery Challenge

Podcasts have been a way for us to continue learning every day. We have them on while driving, working out, mowing the lawn, cooking dinner, working in the garage, and basically when ever we can. Our lives require much of our time doing everyday tasks, and podcasts give our brains the necessary time it needs learning, while also tackling our to do lists. My archery journey began with long rides between job sites listening to Joe Rogan (The Joe Rogan Experience), John Dudley (Knock On Podcast), and Andy Stumpf (Cleared Hot). Each of these podcasts dedicates a lot of time to archery. When each of these guys talked about it, you could hear how satisfying and fulfilling archery was. You could also hear the dedication it takes to be good at it. This dedication, satisfaction, and fulfillment they talked about episode after episode was something I was looking for in my life for the longest time. So one morning, I sprung out of bed, kissed Tia on the check and headed to Flying Arrow, a local bow shop not 10 minutes from our house. I had no clue what I was looking for, no clue what I needed, or any clue of whether or not I would even like it. 

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