[From Us] Rescuing Black Labs - Part I

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had a post on here, but it’s not for lack of content. It’s because we’ve been so busy living this crazy life back in the real world that we’re struggling to fit in enough time for everything. It’s a whole lot easier to write when we’re on vacation, but we’re working on changing up our routine to satisfy this need of ours a little better.

That being said, a brand new adventure started today. In addition to our own 2 rescued black labs, Jameson and Leo, who we’ll write about in detail soon, we just began fostering 2 more black labs. Duke is 8 years old and Strider is 12. Their owner was recently killed by a drunk driver. His poor broken-hearted family didn’t know what to do, and we even heard that they considered putting these dogs down because they were out of options. Fortunately, they quickly learned about dog rescues, as one of the dog owner’s neighbors volunteers for a local rescue organization.

The new challenge then began - finding someone who was willing to take on 2 older black labs who couldn’t be separated from each other. Like our own dogs, Duke and Strider are like peanut butter and jelly. They’re a bonded pair, a 2-for-1 deal. Finding a foster home for these guys was proving very difficult. When we were asked about fostering them, they had already been in kennels for about 2 weeks. After learning their story, our hearts just broke and we couldn’t say no. So we’re going to give this a shot. We’ll try fostering for now, and if things go great, maybe we’ll even consider making this permanent. For now, though, it’s just lots of love and dog hair in this house. We’ll see what adventures come next.  

Stayed tuned, as we’ll have several parts to this dog rescuing series. 


Matthew & Tia Scott