#1 Agent Of Change (@Craft518)

[From @Craft518] When I was young I didn’t travel much and in fact I never truly traveled at all. In my mind all I ever needed I had close to me and there was no real need to explore beyond my immediate reach. Some time ago I was lucky enough to meet Lorin, my beautiful wife, who has shown me places I thought I could never go. Followed me places I didn’t expect. Taught me things I didn’t know I wanted to learn. Tested me in ways I never thought I would be tested. In these photos we are across the country from our home and on top of the world where the United States is separated by high peaks. The exact location is not something anyone else needs to know. What’s important is that this place is somewhere anyone can go if they are willing to try #somethingonce I have seen more beautiful places and experienced more fulfilling things than I ever could on my own. All I need is close to me yet it is far away from home at the same time, because it is her. Together we have traveled farther in this short time than I had my entire life prior. My life did not start when we met but it did change. I thought this in my head when we were up there watching the sunset on this coast. I thought the same a year prior when we watched the sun rise on a different mountain on a different coast. I will say it here now to my agent of change. “I will follow you wherever I can for as long as I can.” See the instagram post here https://www.instagram.com/p/By1Zb05gOxP/