[From Her] Welcome

I’ve always wanted to start a blog - to record awesome activities, store memories, review restaurants and businesses that really made an impression, things like that. I’ve considered it more as a personal journal that maybe some other people might find interesting. It turns out Matt also wanted to start a blog, but instead with a goal of reaching as many people as possible, sharing stories and ideas, encouraging everything from grand adventures to just having the courage to tackle some project on your own. So we’re trying to merge these two ideas into one. You’ll see some posts [From Us], [From Him], and [From Her], for some different perspectives. Our focus, at its core, is something we live by - always being willing to try something once. If we try and end up hating it, well, we mark that down as a lesson learned and we grow from it. If we try and end up loving it, well, we’ve pushed ourselves a little bit, learned about ourselves, and we grow from it. That’s the point of this website, that’s our view on life. Try. Learn. Grow. Repeat. And with that comes all sorts of happiness.

Matthew & Tia Scott